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Well, I just finished creating a resource in MSDN Code Gallery.  If you haven't checked this out yet, you really need to. All kinds of goodness up there. It looks like is running the CodePlex engine (and it probably is) but without a lot of the functionality of CodePlex.  Of course, it has... [More]

A little trip down Memory Lane

Idle Babbling
Every once in a while, something comes up that gets me reflecting on where I've seen computing come from ... and my experiences with it. Certainly, I often talk to some of the "newer" folks in the IT community and feel like a grizzled old fart (think "I remember when ..."). I can just imagine what t... [More]

Hashing in .Net

.NET Stuff | Security
I've talked about DPAPI and symmetric encryption. Both of these are very good for certain things. But what about passwords? Encrypting them with DPAPI is not ideal ... as DPAPI from ASP.NET would be machine-specific; it won't scale out and it's not easy to transfer between machines if there is a nee... [More]