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New Account Email Validation (Part II)

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In my previous post, I discussed the things to keep in mind with new account validation. Well, as promised, I've done a sample of one way to do this. Certainly step 1 to to do as much as possible without writing any code, following the KISS principle. Since I am using the CreateUserWizard Control, ... [More]

New Account Email Validation (Part I)

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We’ve all seen it … when you sign up for a new account, your account isn’t active until you validate it from an email sent to the registered email address. This allows sites with public registration to ensure a couple of things. First, that the email provided by the user actually does exist (and the... [More]

Thoughts on Secure File Downloads

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Well, that’s kinda over-simplifying it a bit. It’s more about file downloads and protecting files from folks that shouldn’t see them and comes from some of the discussion last night at the OWASP User Group. So … I was thinking that I’d put a master file-download page f... [More]

Content from OWASP User Group

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I had a blast speaking at the Houston OWASP User Group last night. I did a review of the OWASP Top Ten and we had a lot of good discussion and conversation around secure application development and some of the implications. Though a relatively small group, it was pretty lively and really good to han... [More]

What is an AC Shoulder Separation?

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And what, exactly, does air conditioning have to do with my shoulder? Yes, I did ask that. It seemed amusing at the time but then, I was also in some amount of pain. As you can probably guess, that happened to me. How? Well, stupidity is really the root of it. Was making a U-Turn on my bike and sl... [More]