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Parallel Computing …

I’m up in Seattle right now at TechReady, an internal Microsoft conference with technical presentations and information for folks in the field (like me, of course). So … with that said, there will likely be the occasional post this week about something that I’ve seen up here that I can actually talk... [More]

.Net Dojo – Date, Time and Location

A reader from Austin pointed out that I didn’t specify these pertinent details about .Net Dojo. So, without further ado, here is the info: Date: Thursday, August 28, 2008 Time: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM Location: Houston Microsoft Office And, of course, the registration link so that you can sign up!


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First, what's this .Net Dojo stuff? Well, here it is ... it is a new series of events (I'm hoping monthly) that we will be having monthly to help developers hone and sharpen their .Net Kung Fu. It will be a combination of lecture and hands-on labs ... lecture to explain the concepts (of course) and ... [More]

C# SIG Presentation

I have uploaded (finally) the presentation that I delivered to the C# SIG last Wednesday, July 16 to my SkyDrive. You can download it here. I did make some little modifications to it though ... and they address one of the outstanding questions of the evening ... how does ASP.NET Role-based security ... [More]


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In my previous post, I said that I'd be talking about ADO.NET Data Service. I'm not sure what happened to my brain, but that's not what I told Harry. I will actually be talking about ADO.NET Dynamic Data. Hope to see you there tomorrow!!

Cool way to do ASP.NET Caching with Linq

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OK, well, I think it's cool (and since the mind is its own place ...). I've been a big fan of's cache API since I found out it way back in the 1.0 beta. It certainly solves something that was problematic in ASP "Classic" in a clean, elegant and darn easy to use way. Unfortunately, not a lot ... [More]

Presenting at the C# SIG

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Boy, I'm on a blogging roll today, eh? I've got one more in the works that'll go out by the end of the day too.  The ol' keyboard is taking quite the pounding. :-) I announced this last night at HDNUG, but Bill reminded me that some folks may not remember it all (there was a lot going on last ... [More]

ADO.NET: What to use when?

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This comes from a young lady's question last night at the Houston .Net User's Group. She's at HCC, taking C# courses and felt that it really wasn't clear when to use DataReaders vs. DataTables vs. DataSets. So ... I'm going to put a couple of thoughts down here on that topic, in the hope that she'll... [More]

Geek ride Sunday AM

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I'm heading out for a ride with a buddy (another geek) this coming Sunday AM, July 13th. We're probably going to head out to Sam Houston Nat'l Forest, where it's an overall nice ride with some good twisties. If you are in Houston and interested in joining up, please do. We'll be meeting at about 7... [More]

GiveCamp Update ... Help Needed!

Hey all ... I mentioned that we're getting GiveCamp finalized and we're still working on it. But ... I'm having a challenge here. A big challenge and I'm asking for some help, if you can. We need a place to have the camp ... a "givecampground" if you will. BravoTech in Dallas provided the Venue for ... [More]