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CSK 3.0 Current Status

CSK | Open Source
Just last Friday, Rob Conery and I announced that we were working on a Commerce Starter Kit v 3.0, reviving the spirit of the CSK - “Sell your stuff, not your soul” (I always loved that tag line!). The project will be hosted on CodePlex. The current 3.0 checkins do not represent the current state of... [More]

For Rob: Inline Scripting and Code-Behind – Crazy Talk?

Well, I was looking over some old stuff on Rob Conery’s blog and came across a little rant about code behind vs. inline scripting. Now, I’m not gonna flame Rob – not at all – I just have a different viewpoint on the issue. I’m not going to say that Rob’s wrong or way off or anything like that – I ha... [More]

Commerce Starter Kit 3.0 – CSK Reprise

CSK | Open Source | Web (and ASP.NET) Stuff
I am happy to announce a new Commerce Starter Kit. We’re calling it CSK 3.0, but it’s not based on the previous (CSK 2.0) codebase at all; it is a complete re-write from the ground up. Some of you probably remember when I first got involved in the CSK … that was WAAAAAY back in the days when ASP.NET... [More]

Linq Performance Part II - Filtering

Linq | Performance
Continuing on the previous topic of Linq Performance … I’m now doing something a bit more interesting than just a “Select From”. All of the key conditions (machines, specs, methodology, blah blah blah) remain the same; no changes at all there. However, I’ll be digging around in filtering this time, ... [More]

Austin's First .Net Dojo! (Windows Communication Foundation)

.NET Stuff | Community
Ever since I posted about .Net Dojo, I’ve had quite a few requests to have it elsewhere. Well, after seeing Pablo’s Day of TDD and how awesome that was, I got this little notion that it might be cool to do .Net Dojo in Austin. And … also … well, this format was kinda new an... [More]

Linq Performance - Part I

.NET Stuff | Linq | Performance
Well, it’s been a while since I did my initial review of some simple Linq performance tests. Since then, I’ve done a bit more testing of Linq performance and I’d like to share that. The results are enlightening, to say the least. I did this because I’ve gotten a lot of questi... [More]

ASP.NET Async Page Model

.NET Stuff | Performance | Web (and ASP.NET) Stuff
I just did a Code Clinic for the Second Life .NET User’s Group on using the ASP.NET async page model and it occurred to me that it’d be a good idea to do a little blog post about it as well. I’ve noticed that a lot of developers don’t know about this little feature and theref... [More]