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TFS & Reporting Services Installation Fun

Maybe it’s me … maybe SSRS just doesn’t like me. But that has always seemed to be the most difficult piece of the whole Team Foundation Server integrated solution. But, now that I have that out of the way … I had challenges installing TFS into the production environment. Yes, I read the latest insta... [More]

Installing TFS Build on XP/Win2K3 x64

Here I was happily installing a test environment for TFS. One of the requirements for this environment is x64 so, of course, I’m installing as much as possible on x64. Of course, that does not include the TFS Application Tier … it’s 32-bit only and, while there are hacks out there to get it to insta... [More]

TFS Workgroup to Active Directory Migration Comments

Moving your TFS installation from a workgroup to an Active Directory domain? Good for you! Honestly, you shoulda started with the domain anyway but we’ll not go there right now. Maybe you didn’t have the domain in place in the beginning. I’ve been playing with the process. Well, I wouldn’t say playi... [More]