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Changing Reading as we know it

Idle Babbling
Let me start with some background as this helps put this in context. I love to read. I will read almost anything and there are few books that I will abandon mid-read. I read all kinds of things … fantasy, sci-fi, history, non-fiction, classics, mysteries, suspense, horror, philosophy … you name it... [More]

About Build … A Rant

As you may gather, I do a lot of work with Team Foundation Build. A whole lot. We have a defined process for our build/deploy cycle and we’ve gone a ways to automate a good bit of that via Team Foundation Build Server. That is a good thing. And let me preface this rant a bit. TFS does a lot of thin... [More]


TFS 2010 | TFS Build
Since Microsoft doesn’t seem to be interested in publishing docs on built-in TF Build 2010 Activities, I’ll be publishing blog posts about activities that I’ve worked and/or experimented with. The titles will be the full name of the activity class with the hope that it’ll come up near the top on sea... [More]