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StreamInsight : What edition am I running?

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It is sometimes helpful to know what edition and/or version of StreamInsight you are using. This can be especially helpful as part of your application startup, where you can log this information for future/current troubleshooting. Unfortunately, there isn’t a good way to get that information from th... [More]

StreamInsight Dynamic Filter Query Patterns

StreamInsight | Code Sample
A little while ago, I wrote a post about doing AdHoc Query Filters in StreamInsight. In the sample code, I accomplished the filter by using a user-defined function. This caused quite a bit of ugliness that I didn’t like but it did work. Since then, I’ve reworked and extended the filtering and I want... [More]

Why I will always have my 39th birthday …

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I’ve discovered that StreamInsight holds the key to eternal “youth”! var newLifeStream = from e in lifeStream .AlterEventLifetime( //Events greater than 39 years ago get moved forward a year e => e.StartTime.AddYears(39) >= DateTime.Now ? e.StartTime.AddYears(1) : e.... [More]

MURA StreamInsight Whitepaper Released

MURA – the Microsoft Upstream Reference Architecture initiative – just released a whitepaper called “Event-Driven Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry” that provides and overview of the scenarios for and value of StreamInsight in drilling, completions and production in O&G. Along with Paul Nguye... [More]