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PI for StreamInsight Webinar with OSISoft

Next Wednesday, my colleague Craig Bauhaus and I will be joining OSISoft to present a webcase on using PI System with StreamInsight, using the recently released PI for StreamInsight adapters. A vCampus subscription is required; please see this announcement on vCampus to register for the webinar. Fo... [More]

StreamInsight Templates–New Build/Release

StreamInsight | Open Source
I just posted this last night on CodePlex. There is nothing new in there but there was some general cleaning up and some fixes to a couple of issues based on feedback. Some of the changes: Added System.ServiceModel to the console project. I could have sworn it was there before … Fix for the ... [More]

Visual Studio Project and Item Templates for StreamInsight

I’ve just published – and created an initial release for – a set of Visual Studio project and item templates for StreamInsight. The release dropped yesterday is a beta primarily for feedback on the templates, particularly the naming conventions, comments and sample boilerplate code. The items are pl... [More]

Speaking @ SQL Saturday : Baton Rouge

I just got the notice that my session for SQL Saturday #64 in Baton Rouge was accepted – which means that I’ll be speaking (of course!). I’m calling the presentation Data in the Stream (think bad 70’s song) since I thought it’d be different and somewhat amusing. I’ll probably add the same subtitle t... [More]

How StreamInsight Data is Different – Part II

In a previous post, I outlined how StreamInsight adds an additional dimension to data – the dimension of time – and how events in StreamInsight correlate to events that we see and experience every day. I’ll now dig a little more into this topic. As things happen in the world around us, seconds, min... [More]