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Output Adapter –> Input Adapter Communications : Event Shapes

One use case for StreamInsight in an enterprise environment is to have a hub and spoke architecture. In such an architecture, you would have multiple downstream StreamInsight instances (the spokes) that sit close to the data source to do event detection and processing on very high speed data that, v... [More]

Cool StreamInsight query–Point input to Edge Output

StreamInsight | Code Sample
It’s easy to get individual events as points in StreamInsight. We can then take those events and write them directly out to our output adapter. There’s nothing to this. But … and this is a common scenario … what do we do if the values don’t change very often? Do we really want to write an hours wort... [More]

Cool StreamInsight query–turning alarms into Edge events

Code Sample | StreamInsight
One of the use cases for StreamInsight is to detect certain alarm conditions on streaming real time data. This, in itself, isn’t all that special … many of the process control systems out there already do something like that. What makes StreamInsight different is that it can be a lot sm... [More]