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Using Subjects as a “Feedback Loop”

Code Sample | StreamInsight
OK, I’m going to switch gears for a minute here. Yes, I’ll be back to building the app but this is just too cool to not share. It’s something that I’ve thought about quite a bit off and on and a forum post got it going again so I put together a sample last night that shows ho... [More]

Dual Mode Data Sources–Part II

Code Sample | StreamInsight
In my previous post, I walked through creating a basic structure for creating StreamInsight data sources using the Reactive model introduced with version 2.1. There was quite a bit of plumbing work to get done but now that it’s finished, we’re ready to move on to the next step … taking what we just ... [More]

Dual Mode Data Sources–Part I

Code Sample | StreamInsight
When StreamInsight 2.1 came out, the Big New Thing for the release was the new model for data ingress and egress – sources and sinks. Based on standard interfaces like IObservable and IObserver and the Reactive Extensions, it makes getting data into and out of StreamInsight a whole lot easier. The p... [More]