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SQL Saturday Baton Rouge Presentations

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It was absolutely awesome to be back in Baton Rouge for Sql Saturday. I do miss going out there … used to be I was out there regularly but now – well, not so much. I did already post them on the Sql Saturday site but for anyone else that’s interested, I’m posting them here. ... [More]

How long did that edge event take–Reprising the Reprise

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So … I just posted a little bit ago. I thought that the solution that I came up with was pretty decent … and certainly an alternative to the subjects … but I still wanted to be able to determine a dynamic timeout based on payload. There had to be a way to do that so I put that whole thought process ... [More]

How long did that edge event take–Reprise

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In my last post, I talked about how to get the duration of an edge event using subjects. The only challenge with that is you don’t get the result until the end of the edge. While this does allow you to do very interesting things … for example, determine which events took longer more than 2 standard ... [More]