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Decoupling Queries from Input and Output

Code Sample | StreamInsight
There’s something that really disturbs me about how all of the StreamInsight samples are put together – everything is very, very tightly coupled. Streams are tightly bound to the source and the target of the data and there’s no good guidance on how to break all that stuff apart. I ... [More]

Now with Hitachi Consulting

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If you’re following me on LinkedIn, you’ve already seen this. I just joined Hitachi Consulting here in Houston as a senior architect in their Microsoft practice. It’s an exciting challenge and I’m really looking forward to the new opportunities with Hitachi. I’ll be foc... [More]

How long did that edge event take?–The Sequel

Code Sample | StreamInsight
This is beginning to become a recurring theme around here. It turns out that there is yet another way to get a composite event that will tell you how long a particular event “took”. This goes back to the initial post, where I was using a subject to create a new event that included the or... [More]