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CSK 3.0 Current Status

CSK | Open Source
Just last Friday, Rob Conery and I announced that we were working on a Commerce Starter Kit v 3.0, reviving the spirit of the CSK - “Sell your stuff, not your soul” (I always loved that tag line!). The project will be hosted on CodePlex. The current 3.0 checkins do not represent the current state of... [More]

For Rob: Inline Scripting and Code-Behind – Crazy Talk?

Well, I was looking over some old stuff on Rob Conery’s blog and came across a little rant about code behind vs. inline scripting. Now, I’m not gonna flame Rob – not at all – I just have a different viewpoint on the issue. I’m not going to say that Rob’s wrong or way off or anything like that – I ha... [More]

Commerce Starter Kit 3.0 – CSK Reprise

CSK | Open Source | Web (and ASP.NET) Stuff
I am happy to announce a new Commerce Starter Kit. We’re calling it CSK 3.0, but it’s not based on the previous (CSK 2.0) codebase at all; it is a complete re-write from the ground up. Some of you probably remember when I first got involved in the CSK … that was WAAAAAY back in the days when ASP.NET... [More]

Linq Performance Part II - Filtering

Linq | Performance
Continuing on the previous topic of Linq Performance … I’m now doing something a bit more interesting than just a “Select From”. All of the key conditions (machines, specs, methodology, blah blah blah) remain the same; no changes at all there. However, I’ll be digging around in filtering this time, ... [More]

Austin's First .Net Dojo! (Windows Communication Foundation)

.NET Stuff | Community
Ever since I posted about .Net Dojo, I’ve had quite a few requests to have it elsewhere. Well, after seeing Pablo’s Day of TDD and how awesome that was, I got this little notion that it might be cool to do .Net Dojo in Austin. And … also … well, this format was kinda new an... [More]

Linq Performance - Part I

.NET Stuff | Linq | Performance
Well, it’s been a while since I did my initial review of some simple Linq performance tests. Since then, I’ve done a bit more testing of Linq performance and I’d like to share that. The results are enlightening, to say the least. I did this because I’ve gotten a lot of questi... [More]

ASP.NET Async Page Model

.NET Stuff | Performance | Web (and ASP.NET) Stuff
I just did a Code Clinic for the Second Life .NET User’s Group on using the ASP.NET async page model and it occurred to me that it’d be a good idea to do a little blog post about it as well. I’ve noticed that a lot of developers don’t know about this little feature and theref... [More]

Next .Net Dojo: Windows Communication Foundation!

As promised, you heard it here first … the next .Net Dojo! It’s been a little tougher in coming and planning due to a little issue with a hurricane named Ike … I’m sure you’ve heard of him. I’m not a big fan of his myself. So … our topic will be Windows Communication Foundation, presented by Mr. S... [More]

CANCELLED: Houston ArcReady and MSDN Unleashed Events

I'm sorry y'all, but we canceled the ArcReady and MSDN Unleashed events that we had scheduled for this Wednesday at the Houston Microsoft office. We made this decision based on the damage caused by Hurricane Ike and the continued loss of power of major parts of the Houston metro area. I do hope tha... [More]

.NET Dojo – Afterwards

Well, we had the very first .Net Dojo last Thursday with Ben Scheirman presenting on ASP.NET MVC. Overall, the event was a major success; feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. It was my feeling that this type of event would be pretty popular and I’m glad to see that this was the case.... [More]