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ADO.NET: What to use when?

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This comes from a young lady's question last night at the Houston .Net User's Group. She's at HCC, taking C# courses and felt that it really wasn't clear when to use DataReaders vs. DataTables vs. DataSets. So ... I'm going to put a couple of thoughts down here on that topic, in the hope that she'll... [More]

Geek ride Sunday AM

Idle Babbling
I'm heading out for a ride with a buddy (another geek) this coming Sunday AM, July 13th. We're probably going to head out to Sam Houston Nat'l Forest, where it's an overall nice ride with some good twisties. If you are in Houston and interested in joining up, please do. We'll be meeting at about 7... [More]

GiveCamp Update ... Help Needed!

Hey all ... I mentioned that we're getting GiveCamp finalized and we're still working on it. But ... I'm having a challenge here. A big challenge and I'm asking for some help, if you can. We need a place to have the camp ... a "givecampground" if you will. BravoTech in Dallas provided the Venue for ... [More]

Looking for GiveCamp?

I know, I put a little note in MSDN Flash about GiveCamp, telling everyone to check here. Well, here's a quick update: we're coming down the final stretch on getting the time, place and registration in place. This will be in place by the end of the week, I hope.  What is GiveCamp? It's a full ... [More]

New Account Email Validation (Part II)

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In my previous post, I discussed the things to keep in mind with new account validation. Well, as promised, I've done a sample of one way to do this. Certainly step 1 to to do as much as possible without writing any code, following the KISS principle. Since I am using the CreateUserWizard Control, ... [More]

New Account Email Validation (Part I)

.NET Stuff | Security | Web (and ASP.NET) Stuff
We’ve all seen it … when you sign up for a new account, your account isn’t active until you validate it from an email sent to the registered email address. This allows sites with public registration to ensure a couple of things. First, that the email provided by the user actually does exist (and the... [More]

Thoughts on Secure File Downloads

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Well, that’s kinda over-simplifying it a bit. It’s more about file downloads and protecting files from folks that shouldn’t see them and comes from some of the discussion last night at the OWASP User Group. So … I was thinking that I’d put a master file-download page f... [More]

Content from OWASP User Group

Security | User Groups
I had a blast speaking at the Houston OWASP User Group last night. I did a review of the OWASP Top Ten and we had a lot of good discussion and conversation around secure application development and some of the implications. Though a relatively small group, it was pretty lively and really good to han... [More]

What is an AC Shoulder Separation?

Idle Babbling
And what, exactly, does air conditioning have to do with my shoulder? Yes, I did ask that. It seemed amusing at the time but then, I was also in some amount of pain. As you can probably guess, that happened to me. How? Well, stupidity is really the root of it. Was making a U-Turn on my bike and sl... [More]

Fixing my instance of dasBlog

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Well, I finally have the remaining issues that I had with my dasBlog installation fixed - or at least mostly so. Of course, now I see that there is a new build out on CodePlex (mostly bug fixes) but I'm not going to bother with it at this point in time. Still, in digging around in dasBlog, I've fou... [More]