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Welcome Rob Conery to Microsoft!

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I just got a little message from my old buddy Rob Conery ... he's been hired by Microsoft (the ASP.NET team in fact) to work on SubSonic ... a tool that builds an object-centric DAL for you. It's cool stuff ... I've played with it a bit and even though I'm a little leery of code generation tools (ca... [More]

My First CodePlex Project

Open Source
No, not the first one I've been involved with, but the first one that I started.  You can find it here:  It's call BITS Download Manager.  It was a tool that I wrote some time ago to download large files over a VPN connection and have sh... [More]

OSI Approves CodePlex Licenses

Open Source
Well, it's official ... the Open Source licenses that we've been promoting on CodePlex are now officially Open Source approved.  OSI just announced that they have approved 2 open source licenses ... the Microsoft Permissive License (Ms-PL) and is now called Microsoft Public License and the Micr... [More]

Howdy Y'all!

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OK, so here it is.  A new blog.  Moving out of the over-cluttered to my own little domain name.  Yeah, it's a little bit of an ego trip, but so what?  That's part of the beauty of the openness of the Internet.  Everyone can have their own little piece of cyber... [More]