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How long did that edge event take–Reprising the Reprise

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So … I just posted a little bit ago. I thought that the solution that I came up with was pretty decent … and certainly an alternative to the subjects … but I still wanted to be able to determine a dynamic timeout based on payload. There had to be a way to do that so I put that whole thought process ... [More]

How long did that edge event take–Reprise

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In my last post, I talked about how to get the duration of an edge event using subjects. The only challenge with that is you don’t get the result until the end of the edge. While this does allow you to do very interesting things … for example, determine which events took longer more than 2 standard ... [More]

How long did that edge event take?

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With StreamInsight, you have three different event shapes – point, interval and edge. With a point, the duration is easy; it’s a single tick. Intervals are also easy since you know both the start and end times when you enqueue them. But what about edge events? Edge events are different because you k... [More]

Baton Rouge SQL Saturday/Tech Day 2013

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Once again, I’ll be presenting in Baton Rouge for their Tech Day so I’m busting my butt (actually, keyboard) building the demos and preparing. I’ll be doing two presentations: Back to Basics: .NET Essentials You May Have Forgotten: I’ve done this one before and it’s been pretty popular and well re... [More]

Where does StreamInsight fit?

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I’ve been working with StreamInsight for over 2 years now and this is one of those questions that I get all the time. Over that time, I’ve refined where I see StreamInsight fitting into an enterprise architecture … and that has included significantly expanding potential use cases. Typically, when pe... [More]

Dual Mode Data Sinks–Part II

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Well, it’s been a while. Far too long, in fact. I’ve been on a project that’s been pretty intense has consumed much of my time. So … my apologies for taking so long to continue. With that out of the way, let’s pick up with our data sinks. There were two major things left undone with the last post.... [More]

Dual-Mode Data Sinks - Part I

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Now that we have the input completed, we need to start working on the output adapters. As with the input adapters/sources, we’ll create an architecture that allows you to use the same core code whether you are using the pre-2.1 adapter model or the 2.1 and later sink model. As with our Stream... [More]

Dual Mode Data Sources-Part III

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In the two previous postings, we would through creating the data sources and exposing them to both the new Reactive-centric API and the “legacy” adapter-centric API. While we’ve accomplished that, I also said that we’d revisit the 2.1 code to add a layer of consistency to the APIs; we’re going to “b... [More]

Using Subjects as a “Feedback Loop”

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OK, I’m going to switch gears for a minute here. Yes, I’ll be back to building the app but this is just too cool to not share. It’s something that I’ve thought about quite a bit off and on and a forum post got it going again so I put together a sample last night that shows ho... [More]

Dual Mode Data Sources–Part II

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In my previous post, I walked through creating a basic structure for creating StreamInsight data sources using the Reactive model introduced with version 2.1. There was quite a bit of plumbing work to get done but now that it’s finished, we’re ready to move on to the next step … taking what we just ... [More]