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Dual Mode Data Sources–Part I

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When StreamInsight 2.1 came out, the Big New Thing for the release was the new model for data ingress and egress – sources and sinks. Based on standard interfaces like IObservable and IObserver and the Reactive Extensions, it makes getting data into and out of StreamInsight a whole lot easier. The p... [More]

Where does StreamInsight data come from?

I got this question at Sql Saturday BI Edition in Dallas not too long ago. My answer was the usual one … “Well, you write an input adapter or (in 2.1) a source in .NET …”.  “Yes, I know that,” the asker replied, “but where does it come from?” &l... [More]

Houston TechFest Sessions

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Houston TechFest is tomorrow at the Reliant Center. And, of course, I will be speaking. This year, I am doing two sessions: Back to Basics: .NET Essentials You May Have Forgotten (3:40 PM – 4:40 PM) Now that the .NET Framework has been out for 10 years and so many tools are available to make... [More]

Importing CTIs with IQStreamable/IQbservable in StreamInsight 2.1

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This came up on the StreamInsight forum … actually from one of the guys on my team. This is pretty important … since StreamInsight syncs to the slowest stream, if you have a slow-moving reference stream (as described so well here), you need to import the CTIs from your faster data stream into the sl... [More]

Speaking at Sql Saturday in Baton Rouge

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Next Saturday, August 4th, I will be speaking at Sql Saturday #150 in Baton Rouge. As usual, I will be talking about StreamInsight. In this case, I’ll be talking about StreamInsight 2.1 and the new adapter model based on Observables and the Reactive Extensions. I hope to see you there! In other no... [More]

Listing installed StreamInsight instances …

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This is one of those things that I’ve always had some manner of difficulty with as I move between computers writing StreamInsight code. You see, I have … let’s see … four different computers that I write code on and I will move projects between them. (Yes, I do have an instance of TFS running at hom... [More]

Where is my PID for StreamInsight????

This is one of the things that I’ve found a little frustrating when installing StreamInsight … entering the PID (product ID). You see, I have an MSDN subscription (every developer should!) and, therefore, I have versions of all of the Sql Server editions … including Sql Server Developer Edition, whi... [More]

Awarded MVP …

I am honored and not a little happy to have been recognized by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for SQL Server in recognition of my involvement on the forums, this blog and my expertise in StreamInsight. I got the official notification on Sunday … April Fool’s Day. But it was no joke.... [More]

Query Logic and Operator Reuse in StreamInsight (DQC)

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Way back in 2010, Mark Simms posted a blog entry called StreamInsight: Understanding dynamic query composition where he detailed how you can use dynamic query composition (DQC) to prevent multiple instantiation of your adapters. And yes, it is important … very important … for this reason but there i... [More]

Bug in StreamInsight 1.2 …

This came up recently on the forums and I’ve been meaning to blog about it and, finally, I’m doing it. Before I get going let me just say the following things: There are a couple of ways to work around the bug. It is fixed in StreamInsight 2.0. It does not apply to StreamInsight 1.1. Only... [More]