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Note on StreamInsight Management Service URIs

I’ll start this with a little tale, a tale of mystery and confusion. So … it starts with the installation of StreamInsight 1.2. As my team moved to 1.2, we (I) also decided to change the name of the instance that we were using for development. Even though we’ve been working with 1.2 for a little whi... [More]

Baton Rouge Sql Saturday Content

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I’ve just posted this to the SQL Saturday web site. All of the content that was presented is there, including the PowerPoint and the code. There’s quite a bit of stuff in the code that we simply didn’t have time to show. There are two text files in there with several different query patterns that yo... [More]

StreamInsight 1.2: Extension Method for Perf Counters

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One of the new features in StreamInsight 1.2 is performance counters. These give you a very robust and easy way to test and monitor performance of your StreamInsight application and were much needed. The counters are enabled at the StreamInsight Server and Application level all the time but you need... [More]

PI for StreamInsight Webinar with OSISoft

Next Wednesday, my colleague Craig Bauhaus and I will be joining OSISoft to present a webcase on using PI System with StreamInsight, using the recently released PI for StreamInsight adapters. A vCampus subscription is required; please see this announcement on vCampus to register for the webinar. Fo... [More]

StreamInsight Templates–New Build/Release

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I just posted this last night on CodePlex. There is nothing new in there but there was some general cleaning up and some fixes to a couple of issues based on feedback. Some of the changes: Added System.ServiceModel to the console project. I could have sworn it was there before … Fix for the ... [More]

Visual Studio Project and Item Templates for StreamInsight

I’ve just published – and created an initial release for – a set of Visual Studio project and item templates for StreamInsight. The release dropped yesterday is a beta primarily for feedback on the templates, particularly the naming conventions, comments and sample boilerplate code. The items are pl... [More]

Speaking @ SQL Saturday : Baton Rouge

I just got the notice that my session for SQL Saturday #64 in Baton Rouge was accepted – which means that I’ll be speaking (of course!). I’m calling the presentation Data in the Stream (think bad 70’s song) since I thought it’d be different and somewhat amusing. I’ll probably add the same subtitle t... [More]

How StreamInsight Data is Different – Part II

In a previous post, I outlined how StreamInsight adds an additional dimension to data – the dimension of time – and how events in StreamInsight correlate to events that we see and experience every day. I’ll now dig a little more into this topic. As things happen in the world around us, seconds, min... [More]

StreamInsight : What edition am I running?

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It is sometimes helpful to know what edition and/or version of StreamInsight you are using. This can be especially helpful as part of your application startup, where you can log this information for future/current troubleshooting. Unfortunately, there isn’t a good way to get that information from th... [More]

StreamInsight Dynamic Filter Query Patterns

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A little while ago, I wrote a post about doing AdHoc Query Filters in StreamInsight. In the sample code, I accomplished the filter by using a user-defined function. This caused quite a bit of ugliness that I didn’t like but it did work. Since then, I’ve reworked and extended the filtering and I want... [More]