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Why I will always have my 39th birthday …

Idle Babbling | StreamInsight
I’ve discovered that StreamInsight holds the key to eternal “youth”! var newLifeStream = from e in lifeStream .AlterEventLifetime( //Events greater than 39 years ago get moved forward a year e => e.StartTime.AddYears(39) >= DateTime.Now ? e.StartTime.AddYears(1) : e.... [More]

MURA StreamInsight Whitepaper Released

MURA – the Microsoft Upstream Reference Architecture initiative – just released a whitepaper called “Event-Driven Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry” that provides and overview of the scenarios for and value of StreamInsight in drilling, completions and production in O&G. Along with Paul Nguye... [More]

Simple StreamInsight App

StreamInsight | Code Sample
In a previous post, I talked about how to change one of the StreamInsight sample apps to run using a remote StreamInsight server. After a discussion with the person that asked the original question, I’ve put together a full sample app that can run either in process or connect to a remote serve... [More]

A couple of helpful StreamInsight Query extension methods

When you are working with StreamInsight queries, there is a certain amount of information that isn’t available from the Query object, but should be … or, that is, I think should be and, since this is my blog, that’s all that really matters, right? The biggest one is the query’s current state. You ca... [More]

StreamInsight: Simple sample of adapters and Server.Connect

.NET Stuff | StreamInsight | Code Sample
This is in response to a question on the StreamInsight forum where a developer was asking for a sample that uses Server.Connect. Before I get into the details, notes: I used the PatternDetector sample from the StreamInsight Product Team Samples on CodePlex. Rather than write something from scrat... [More]

StreamInsight User Defined Aggregate: Standard Deviation

.NET Stuff | StreamInsight | Code Sample
Here’s a quick UDA to do standard deviation of a window. I found it interesting that I had to take the IEnumerable<double> source and call ToArray(). If I didn’t, it would throw a NullReferenceException, although why is something of a mystery. It would be nice if I could pass in th... [More]

How StreamInsight Data Is Different – Part I

One of the key challenges that developers (from what I’ve seen) have when getting started with StreamInsight is in dealing with and understanding how data is handled. The concepts of input and output adapters is actually relatively simple and familiar to developers everywhere so that’s simple. The l... [More]

Race Conditions in StreamInsight Query Startup?

A bit of explanation is due here. The platform that we are building at Logica is intended to be reusable, configurable and flexible … from adapters to queries (or, more properly sets of related queries). A part of the architecture is what we call the StreamingQueryProvider. This is the centerpiece o... [More]

AdHoc Query Filters with StreamInsight

It’s been a while – things have been VERY busy getting ready for the big public unveiling at the Microsoft Global Energy Forum. That was yesterday and I do think that it went very well; we had a lot of interesting conversations with customers around  StreamInsight, what it can do and, specifica... [More]

StreamInsight: The basic components

In my last post, I announced my new job and some information about it. In short, I’m working with a new technology from Microsoft called StreamInsight - a platform for Complex Event Processing (CEP). In short, dealing with and processing (near) real-time streaming data in ways that allow “the busine... [More]