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Announcement: I’ve accepted a position with Logica

The title of this post tells a little of the story, but certainly not all. I’ve been at “a large, international energy company” (I’ll call it “LINECO” for short) in Houston for a year now, working on their TFS implementation. You’ve seen the posts sharing some of the key learnings from that positio... [More]

Houston TechFest 2010 Sessions

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It’s almost time for TechFest again … it’s amazing how quickly the time flies! It’s seems like only yesterday that I told Michael what my sessions would be, thinking, of course, that I’d have plenty of time to do them. No, it wasn’t yesterday either – it was a few months ago. But … I’m just now star... [More]

Changing Reading as we know it

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Let me start with some background as this helps put this in context. I love to read. I will read almost anything and there are few books that I will abandon mid-read. I read all kinds of things … fantasy, sci-fi, history, non-fiction, classics, mysteries, suspense, horror, philosophy … you name it... [More]

About Build … A Rant

As you may gather, I do a lot of work with Team Foundation Build. A whole lot. We have a defined process for our build/deploy cycle and we’ve gone a ways to automate a good bit of that via Team Foundation Build Server. That is a good thing. And let me preface this rant a bit. TFS does a lot of thin... [More]


TFS 2010 | TFS Build
Since Microsoft doesn’t seem to be interested in publishing docs on built-in TF Build 2010 Activities, I’ll be publishing blog posts about activities that I’ve worked and/or experimented with. The titles will be the full name of the activity class with the hope that it’ll come up near the top on sea... [More]

TF Build 2008: Common Activities

Note: This entry has been sitting for a long time … I’ve been very, very, very busy managing the builds for over 100 projects. There is more to come as I share the learnings (and code) from this. I’m aware that this is for the now “legacy” version of TFS. But as we’ve moved our implementation from ... [More]

TFS 2010 Lab Management – Core Components

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I went to the “Next Generation Testing with Visual Studio 2010” event in Houston yesterday. And … while it is somewhat strange going to a Microsoft event where I’m a “mere attendee” … I did really enjoy the experience. There was a TON of information there and, for me, one of the very coolest technol... [More]

TFS 2008 + Project Server 2007: Sharing a workspace

Microsoft has two project management products … Microsoft Project (and the accompanying Project Server) and Team Foundation Server. Project is much more general; it’s designed to manage any type of project. TFS is very specialized; it’s designed to manage software projects. So one could reasonably s... [More]

Exporting Work Items for a Project Template

There comes a time in every TFS implementation where you need to create your own set of default project work items in your template. You can do this straight in the XML by editing workitems.xml in your process template’s Work Item Tracking folder. I said you could, not that you’d actuall... [More]

“God Mode” in Windows 7

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Now, I don’t know about you, but when I see “God Mode”, I think of running around in some shooter killing all the bad guys/monsters/aliens/whatever without any worry of damage or harm coming to me. Those of you that cut your teeth on some of the old school DOS-based games of yester-century (a la Doo... [More]