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Well, I just finished creating a resource in MSDN Code Gallery.  If you haven't checked this out yet, you really need to. All kinds of goodness up there. It looks like is running the CodePlex engine (and it probably is) but without a lot of the functionality of CodePlex.  Of course, it has a different goal and purpose. CodePlex is for complete projects and provides a collaborative environment for developers to build Open Source applications. Code Gallery, however, just has code snippets and other useful stuff that you can add to your projects.

So ... this resource that I created ... it's not published yet, so you can't find it. However ... I will be adding code samples from this blog up there so that you can download them easily for inclusion in your projects. When I get that done ... and that should be in the next week or two ... I'll post the link to it here and will also have a link on links at the right.

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GSquared 3/1/2008 3:31:21 PM #

This looks great when my Codeplex project matures we'll be working with this new MSDN application in tandem.  Looking forward to the J samples!

Bill 3/21/2008 8:37:29 PM #

Hey J,

I really enjoyed your session at the Windows Server 2008 launch. You really helped me make my decision to move our project over to Visual Studio 2008 very simple. I appreciate that! I spoke to you after the second session and had a particular question and you told me to email you. Guess what! I don't have your email (I thought I had recorded or it would be easy to find). Is there any way to reach you without you getting spammed? (By the way I had a brown sports coat on and told you I worked for a small health care company)