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GiveCamp Update ... Help Needed!


Hey all ... I mentioned that we're getting GiveCamp finalized and we're still working on it. But ... I'm having a challenge here. A big challenge and I'm asking for some help, if you can. We need a place to have the camp ... a "givecampground" if you will. BravoTech in Dallas provided the Venue for the event there and it's been hard to find a facility down here that would work just as well. 

Here's what we need:

  • Access all weekend, from Friday at about 3:00 PM to Sunday about 8:00 PM, with availability of Internet access.
  • Small breakout spaces for teams. We're targeting 10-15 charities. This is actually quite easy and we have a lot of folks that can do this. Each team wouldn't necessarily need more that 1 or 2 connected cubicles. And, judging from our experience in Dallas, not every team would be there all weekend, though some certainly would be.
  • Lunch area/cafe: for food to be brought in and accessible. Again, this is pretty common and easy.
  • Larger meeting area/conference area/etc. that would hold about 70 people. This is the hard part. This would be for the kickoff and the closing, so it's not something that would need to be open and available for the entire weekend. Even if it's a "shared" room in the building, that's certainly a possibility.

I did have a location in mind ... and someone that agreed to let us use it, but that last bullet turned out to be the killer. I'm still following up on some leads as well, but I figured I'd reach out to the Houston community folks to see if anyone had any suggestions/comments/offers. If you do, just shoot me an email via this blog. Thanks all!