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Houston TechFest Sessions

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Houston TechFest is tomorrow at the Reliant Center. And, of course, I will be speaking. This year, I am doing two sessions:

Back to Basics: .NET Essentials You May Have Forgotten (3:40 PM – 4:40 PM)

Now that the .NET Framework has been out for 10 years and so many tools are available to make things easier, many developers seem to have forgotten some of the core principles of .NET. In this presentation, I'll review the fundamentals of the .NET Framework and what makes all of that magic happen. From the CLR to IL to memory management and garbage collection, we'll touch on these core concepts that every developer should know.

I originally did this presentation at HDNUG and it was very well received – better than I had thought it would be. However, because the timeframe is a bit more limited at TechFest vs. HDNUG, I’ll need to pare this down a little bit so I don’t go over.

Introducing StreamInsight 2.1 (4:50 PM – 5:50 PM)

StreamInsight provides real-time analytics on large volumes of data with a response time measured in milliseconds, bringing a new level of capabilities to the Sql Server platform. This session will provide an overview of StreamInsight, its capabilities and use cases. It will also provide details on StreamInsight 2.1, what's been added and how it makes your real-time applications easier and more robust.

I originally delivered this at Sql Saturday in Baton Rouge. I’ve tweaked and honed it a bit. Some will be familiar to my other StreamInsight intro presentations – how it works, etc. There are some updates on more use cases that we’ve seen “out in the wild” in the past year or so. StreamInsight is coming into its own now too … we are seeing more and more interest and adoption as folks get a better understanding of where it can add to their business.

I hope to see you there!