Ruminations of idle rants and ramblings of a code monkey

Howdy Y'all!

Idle Babbling
OK, so here it is.  A new blog.  Moving out of the over-cluttered to my own little domain name.  Yeah, it's a little bit of an ego trip, but so what?  That's part of the beauty of the openness of the Internet.  Everyone can have their own little piece of cyberspace for a nominal fee.  So this is my piece -- well, one of my pieces.  Ive gone on something of a domain-buying spree here of late and purchased several domains.  Don't know what I'm gonna do with them yet though ... I guess just feed my ego. 
Anyhoo, I'm gonna write on here a bit now and again.  Mainly, I'll be focusing on the Open Source community that is growing around .NET ... yes, it's true, there is an Open Source community around .NET.  And it's growing by the day.
It's kinda funny, actually, in the course of my job as a Developer Evangelist, I often bring up Open Source .NET projects to customers, even show them to them ... if, for nothing else, so that they can get an idea of what kinds of things can be done and what's our there that they can readily use.  Call it the ultimate demo code.  Not just a demo ... but something actually useful.  And some of these ... the larger projects ... have become platforms in their own right (a la DotNetNuke, for example) or build useful extensions on existing platforms (like what I'm using for this blog ... the Enhanced Blog Edition of the Community Kit for SharePoint).
Speaking of the EBE, I'll be digging around in it in the next few weeks or so, looking to customize my little corner of the webspace and see what it can do for me. 
So ... that's a part of what this blog will be about ... technology, .NET and being a Code Monkey.  Another part is likely to be idle babbling, which I may prefer to call Philosophikal Thoughts ... but most will call idle babbling.  Part of my heritage as an English Lit major/Philosophy minor. 
With that, thank you and good night for now.  I'll be back.