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It’s been too long …

Idle Babbling

Yes, I know. It’s been a while. Well, too long. Holidays and such were BUSY BUSY BUSY. And then … well … I don’t know. But yes, I am still alive and kicking. :-)

Quick update on upcoming stuff:

  • Houston TechFest is tomorrow!! Houston tech community uber-conference is happening after being rescheduled due to Ike. If you haven’t registered, you can still show up … you just won’t get a T-shirt. The whole community evangelism team will be on hand and we’ll also have a ton of kewl stuff to give away … including Rock Band 2 and a Lego Mindstorm robot!!
  • Dallas MSDN Developer Conference is on Monday. This is the very last of the MSDN Dev Con series. There’s still time to register also!
  • South Houston .NET User Group is, after a delay due to (once again) Ike, is getting rolling with their first meeting on February 4th at the Clear Lake City – County Freeman Branch Library. I’ll be speaking there … doing an introduction to unit testing with C#.

So … what’s been happening with me during all this silent time? Besides being busy with work, holidays and all that stuff, the biggest thing was that I had Lasik done. It’s really cool … I’ve gone from not being able to see the big “E” on an eye chart (was just a fuzzy mess) to having 20/15 vision. It’s almost surreal being able to see so well after wearing glasses since 3rd grade and contacts since freshman year of high school. It was quick, easy and, best of all, painless. I was back up and running just fine the very next day. Another thing of not (on a more personal level, that is) is that I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my personal system to an AMD Phenom 9950 Quad Core … with 8 GB of RAM as well. It’s fast. I really don’t know (yet) what to do with all of it …

Finally … for those looking for CSK 3 news … none yet, but keep an eye here. :-)