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Listing installed StreamInsight instances …

StreamInsight | Code Sample

This is one of those things that I’ve always had some manner of difficulty with as I move between computers writing StreamInsight code. You see, I have … let’s see … four different computers that I write code on and I will move projects between them. (Yes, I do have an instance of TFS running at home for some personal stuff, which certainly makes things easier as I hop between the computers.) The problem, of course, boils down to remembering what instances of StreamInsight are installed and what versions each instance is. Sure, I can go to Add/Remove Programs and do the maintenance setup for StreamInsight to see what instances are there … but that’s kinda painful. So, after some digging, I discovered that all of the instances are listed in the registry. Smile 

So … as any developer would do, I fired up Visual Studio and threw together a little app that would list all of the installed instances of StreamInsight, what edition they are, what version and what architecture (x86 or x64). It was really quite simple, actually. Now … I’m not going to say that the UI is the prettiest thing in the world (it’s not) but it does work and it does what it needs to do. Below is a screen shot:

Instance Lister

You can download the project from my SkyDrive. All you need is Visual Studio to build … there are no dependencies on StreamInsight. It’s all read from the registry.