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More Notes on Performance Testing

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Well, I wanted to provide a little update on my previous discussion on the my performance testing methodology; I've refined it a bit while getting ready for the Austin Code Camp.

Of course, GC.Collect() is still very important ... but I must correct myself in the previous post. It's called before each test method run. This ensures that the garbage collector is all cleaned up and collected before the test run even starts executing.

Now, on the calculations. I still do a normalized (or perhaps weighted, but we're getting into semantics here) average. But ... I've altered the equation a bit to subtract the overhead associated with the profiler probe. These were, surprisingly, pretty different across the board with the different test methods. It really is appropriate to discount these from the overall results as they do impact the overall numbers. And, considering the differences between them in the various methods (in one set of tests, it ranged from .1 msec to 2.54 msec), they really needed to be removed from the results.

The final tweak was to make a call to each of the test methods before I went into the actual test. This was done in a separate Initialize method. This ensures that all of the classes being used (as was mentioned in the previous post) are loaded into memory and initialized. It also ensures that the methods themselves are JIT'd before the test runs begin as well; again, this is something that we need to take out of the final equation.