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.NET Dojo Update

Well, I gotta say … the very first .Net Dojo looks like it’s going to be a resounding success. The interest has been such that we are already filled up. Yes, it’s true … 2 weeks before the event and it’s already full. There is a waitlist, but at 75 registered folks, we’re already approaching the limit that I feel comfortable with. :-(

I’m currently looking to get the next one planned for September … stay tuned here for when it’s announced …

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Ben Scheirman 8/17/2008 4:35:31 PM #
Ben Scheirman

Glad to see it filled up!

Do you have a list of the registered folks?  Maybe we should start a google group so that we can communicate logistics, updates, etc.

One thing I've done is added everything to a subversion repository, so before the class everyone could download the entire project + slide deck a day before... this way they get all of the right versions of the 3rd party assemblies and tools.