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Update on Pie Run/Geek Ride

A quick update on my previous entry on the Pie Run/Geek Ride. It’ll be KSU at 9:00 AM sharp at the Valero station north of I-10 on Westgreen (at the corner of Westgreen & Park Row). I’ve also planned and mapped out the routes. Each way is about 100 miles … so that should be about 2 hours and no fuel stops. :-)

Route out: This meanders a bit to the north, goes completely past New Ulm and then comes into town from the west. FM1291 looked too good (and twisty!) to pass up.

Route back: This is a more southerly route, going through Eagle Lake, Simonton and Fulshear. I ride some of these roads pretty often and they can be a lot of fun.

For those of you wondering … no, I don’t ride a Harley. I ride a Kawa Ninja. But HD has a very cool ride planner on their site and it’s all built with Virtual Earth! The GPS synchronization is a VERY cool touch too. BUT … whatever type of bike you ride, if you ride, you are welcome to join us!