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Where is my PID for StreamInsight????


This is one of the things that I’ve found a little frustrating when installing StreamInsight … entering the PID (product ID). You see, I have an MSDN subscription (every developer should!) and, therefore, I have versions of all of the Sql Server editions … including Sql Server Developer Edition, which includes StreamInsight Premium (though for development purposes only … it’s not allowed to put it in production). On some products on MSDN, you can request the product key and it’s right there on your subscription page to copy and paste/retype … but not for any of the Sql Server DVDs! The MSDN Sql Server version are “pre-PID’d” … the product id is already in them. While this makes it easier to install the full Sql Server engine, when you need to enter the product key for StreamInsight … then you have to go digging to find it. Since I’m a developer and, therefore, lazy, I put this off and usually just choose the evaluation edition … only to get kerfluffled when the eval expires.

So … for your reference (and mine) … here’s where you can find your PID:

Open the Sql Server DVD in Windows Explorer.

Navigate to the folder for your favorite architecture (x86 or x64). It doesn’t matter which one … both PIDs are the same.

Find a file called "DefaultSetup.ini”.  Open this in notepad.

Right there at the top is your PID. Copy and paste into the StreamInsight setup.